Marcelle Jans

Authentic leadership is
the cornerstone for success

Hello, my name is Marcelle Jans and I provide Personal Development coaching and Leadership Training programs. 

Do you want to improve your leadership style and create more self-awareness around your impact at work? Or do you want to lead your team with more  focus and effective communication to create better results and team synergy?

My personal development coaching programs are focused on self-empowerment, so you can connect to your highest potential. Are you ready to become the most successful version of yourself?

I particularly found Marcelle a role example in connecting with empathy – with a leadership focus, very knowledgeable of the topics presented. I warmly recommend her as coach, corporate leadership trainer and group facilitator-

Liesbeth Foppen
HR- ABN-AMRO Bank Mees Pierson

What motivates me

I am a professional Personal Development coach and certified Leadership trainer with a passion for interpersonal connection and authentic leadership. Whether you are a new leader or one with experience, personal development coaching can supplement these learnings by providing support to improve specific skills, build self-awareness and set clear goals to achieve great success! Helping you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be!

“Who we are is how we lead”

Brené Brown


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