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Hello, welcome to Connect2 Training & Coaching! My name is Marcelle Jans and I provide transformational coaching and group training for high performing professionals who are looking to improve their personal development, connect to their highest potential and are ready to become the most successful version of themselves.

True Leadership starts with learning to courageously lead from within. Building connection to who you are creates great self-awareness and authenticity which is the cornerstone for empowerment. This means getting clarity and focus through improved personal development, making better decisions, thriving in your role, and leading with high impact!

“Who we are is how we lead”

Brené Brown

I am a professional personal development coach and certified trainer with a passion for interpersonal connection and authentic leadership. Whether you are a new leader or one with experience, personal development coaching can supplement these learnings by providing support to improve specific skills, build self-awareness and set clear goals to achieve great success! Helping you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be!

Supporting you in leading the way! I offer individual coaching programs for corporate leaders to enhance personal performance, develop management style and create an authentic leadership toolkit to maximize achievement. Combining professional objectives together with your personal ambition to create a personal standard of excellence to set you up for success.

I facilitate group coaching sessions and corporate management leadership training programs to build high performance, co-elevating teams which are the foundation to organizational success. My main driver is improving interpersonal communication within a team to create strong connection, enhance mutual trust, develop a culture of effective feedback as well as synergize team motivation.

Building a learning community for female entrepreneurs to support individual growth and self-awareness, strengthen personal and business goals and create motivation through group interaction. I offer coaching and training workshops to help women find a great balance between career and motherhood and thrive in wholly authentic, fearless leadership.

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