What drives me as a coach?

To inspire people that change is possible.
To connect with people to show them how.
To empower people to inspire other people

Hello, I’m Marcelle Jans and I want to welcome you to my site! I believe that everyone is the leader of their own life and that Leadership starts from within and makes us who we are. When things are going great, most of us know exactly what to do. It’s when things are not great, not as you imagined them to be and harder than you thought they would be that life gets complicated. How do I know?

Marcelle Jans

I know because I speak from experience!

Most of my professional life was focused on apparel retail management. Working in corporate for global companies such as Nike EMEA. I managed teams, collaborated with overseas offices and was responsible for sourcing strategies. After more than 15 years, I wanted to make a change in my life to create better life balance and take on new challenges. So, I found the courage to become an entrepreneur. Was it easy? NO. Did I learn from my experiences and live to tell the tales? YES. Actually, becoming a corporate trainer and coach made my career life come full circle as I was able to connect the dots between my work experience and my core strengths. Now I facilitate trainings and give personal development coaching to promote open and courageous communication, to improve self- awareness, to build high performance teams and to create an inclusive business community culture.

My personal life is also full of change. I grew up in America with Dutch Parents. I finished university and started working in New York City. I left after my first job to experience life abroad. I first lived in London, England for 7 years before settling here in Holland in 2002. Even though I can speak Dutch fluently, I feel like an expat combining the best of all the cultures I have experienced with a mix of international people. When I realized that I did not feel so at home in myself, I took on a life coach who helped me transition out of a difficult marriage, live courageously as single mom and thrive in a new career. She inspired me to start inspiring others.

 I am now a Professional Co-Active Coach with a passion for personal development. Helping people thrive through courageously leading from within  to live an authentic life that brings joy and fulfillment.


To help people invest their full heart and mind in their work and in their lives.

You were born knowing your way.
Your Task is not to learn,
but to remember

~ Martha Beck

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