Programs For Business Mamas

For the past 10 years, I have been working as a female entrepreneur. This path has helped me to develop my career in a way that is wholly authentic to me and has created a great life balance when my 2 kids were young. However, it was a big change from the corporate environment I was used to along with a stable income, a structured agenda, and nice colleagues. Combining a career with motherhood can also present challenges. It was hard for me to feel I could do both well and working from home did not easily provide boundaries between personal and professional responsibilities.

About 5 years ago, I started collaborating with other small business owners, to talk strategy, get advice and exchange ideas. This led to a terrific network of fellow entrepreneurs here in Holland who I realized faced similar issues. What I admired most about these amazing women was their drive and determination which was fueled by pure passion and focus. It takes courage to put yourself out there and to keep going when you stumble. You determine your success by your belief in yourself and what you can offer to others. There is a growing community of likeminded business mamas out there who can support each other, and I am very proud to be one them!

I am super excited to launch various programs  to support this amazing community. This will include motivational workshops, group coaching sessions, and co-active events. We will build on themes such as vulnerability, authenticity, personal power, limited beliefs, and the power of connection just to name a few. Please stay tuned for more information.

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