Group coaching

The magic of  team development group coaching is the connection, communication, and community that comes from group members interacting with each other. This is where the energy of the group and the support individuals receive from the group leads to accountability, rapid momentum, and ongoing motivation as everyone works toward their goals. An incredible group dynamic is created when everyone is focusing on the same learnings and can co-elevate together. Learning and growing from the group interaction. Team development is further supplemented with smaller breakout groups that gives everyone the chance to try on the information and give it a practical spin.

Benefits of group coaching are:
  • A deepening of trust and collaboration among the group.
  • Improved interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and feedback.
  • Optimizes goal accomplishment at the personal, group, and organization levels.
  • Integrates personal development and performance.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

Henry Ford

Training Facilitation

Three years ago, I connected my corporate background with my passion for facilitation and became a certified corporate trainer, working mainly with Management Leadership Programs and Learning and Development focused workshops. My goal is always to build interpersonal connection within the group and leadership skills that can be role-modeled outside the training setting.
I think that personal and professional development is essential to a thriving organization and training programs offer a terrific opportunity for individual growth and development as well as group cohesion and accelerated learnings.
The starting point is identifying the controlling idea- what does this group need and how can I best impact this? Then it is a process of leading people through processes towards agreed-upon objectives in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and creativity by all those involved.

Team Building

Effective team building starts with each member. I created a workshop called “Team co-elevation” to build interpersonal connection, improve communication and synergize team motivation.
This is a highly interactive and impactful half day workshop in which we explore topics such as your impact on others, honest communication, empathy and compassion through a series of group exercises and discussion.
What are the benefits of this training?

  • On an individual level, there is enhanced self-confidence through better self-awareness, a more open and positive mindset as well as improved connectivity to others. 
  • On a team level, there is a buildup of mutual trust and respect, an invigorated team spirit, high-impact team communication and a powerful desire to work together to achieve great success.


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