I was matched with Marcelle through the Tony Robbins coaching network as I was looking for a coach who would really empower me. Until then, none of the previous people I worked with were able to give me the specific mindset tools I needed. But Marcelle is a queen on focusing on the positive and reframing and is also very action oriented, so I have no choice but to (finally) progress! Marcelle is open-minded and doesn't judge which makes it very easy for me to share what's on my mind and the things I struggle with. She's the patient, calm and wise voice I need when I get stuck or need motivation to push myself to an even higher standard.
The Beach House Communications
Natúúrlijk had ik helemaal geen coach nodig. Ik doe het immers al 53 jaar zonder en ben best tevreden. Maar iets in Marcelle triggerde me en we besloten samen aan de slag te gaan. Door haar vragen en reacties draaide mijn caleidoscoop en kijk ik met een frisse, open blik naar mijn mogelijkheden en keuzes. Een fijn gevoel, want ze herinnerde me ook aan mijn eigen kracht. Bam... Here I go again! bedankt Marcelle!
CDT Tekstprodukties
I loved Marcelle's style of communication during my coaching sessions with her. She always kept me on track, reminding me of my core values and how reaching what I want is attainable when I keep to the path of what's most important to me. Thank you, Marcelle, for your patience, kindness, and good will! 🙏 I'll always look back positively on my talks with you!
Marcelle is an empathetic and patient coach who can guide you to discover more about your values, strengths and how to perform better. She has a wide range of techniques to develop your leadership techniques
Global Marketing manager
Marcelle is a very valuable contributor whereas I specifically asked her to join as Trainer to our corporate Leadership Training Program at ABN-AMRO Bank Mees Pierson. I particularly found Marcelle a role example in connecting with empathy - with a leadership focus, very knowledgeable of the topics presented with a scientific basis. She demonstrated great sensitivity to organizational needs as well as creativity in solving problems. I warmly recommend her as coach, corporate leadership trainer and group facilitator-
Liesbeth Foppen
HR- ABN-AMRO Bank Mees Pierson
Marcelle has facilitated training sessions on agility, stress and influencing skills for our Business Services Team over the past year. She has great facilitation skills, she is able to create a safe atmosphere during the session and keeps everyone engaged and motivated. I would definitely recommend her as a trainer!
Tirza de Lange
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
I really enjoyed Marcelle's training session - she is a natural when it comes to facilitation and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone that needs a trainer or workshop leader in this field.
Development leader
I’m glad I had the chance to participate in Marcelle’s workshop on Leadership. It gave me valuable insights and it was very special to share experiences with the other participants. Marcelle really believes in this topic and that shows. She’s authentic and knows how to facilitate and create a inspiring atmosphere.
Interim HR Manager
Marcelle facilitated a Leadership workshop at the networking group 'This Woman's Work' where I was a participant. She is a very professional and passionate trainer and her heart was definitely in this workshop. She wasn't afraid to show her own vulnerability in a authentic way which helped me to step into my own vulnerability without being dramatic or losing myself. It was all very well structured, coming together and in flow. I can highly recommend Marcelle! She has a warm personality, a big heart and makes you feel at ease very quickly.
Coaching sessions with Marcelle have been extremely enriching. She helps me understand who I am, what values guide me, and how I can live a more fulfilled life. I feel at peace and more equipped to reach my personal and personal objectives. Marcelle is a great listener, open-minded, she never puts labels on you: as a coach, she is this fantastic ally, wise, calm, like a reassuring presence walking next to you until you feel comfortable and confident enough to keep walking by yourself. I highly and warmly recommend Marcelle.
International Humanitarian Law
I have met Marcelle through one of the business events years ago and I am glad to say that I have got chances to work with her in different occasions. One of the most significant one was the coaching session, a couple of years ago, that she held for a group of women. I was utterly stunned how she made the room a peaceful and safe place for all these women, so they can open up in front of others whom most of them they just have met. The session was a great success and even after years all these women still appraise Marcelle's talents. So when I realized that I need to get some external support, she was the only one I could think of! She is authentic, very empathetic, hearty- she actually cares what you are saying- and always supportive. I don’t know how she does it but as soon she enters a space, she fills it with this peaceful vibe. She is so natural! She helped me to see where I am stuck, my saboteurs, and the resources of my saboteurs. I was loosing a lot of focus on the things I want to achieve, she helped me discover my own strength to find my own solutions for my blockages. She helped me to set and stick to my goals , and gave me tools to get back on my path if I loose my focus. I feel listened, supported and so much empowered. She has all what you need from a coach; she listens to your struggles without judgements, helps you work through them by using different tools, and makes sure you stay on the track even when your coaching ends! I would definitely work with Marcelle again in the future if the opportunity were presented. It's the best gift one can give to her/himself.
Interior Designer
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